Gremlin Gumbo Pin

Image of Gremlin Gumbo Pin

Second Run!
Do you like movies about pets, but can never bring it upon yourself to get one because you lack the skills to keep a breathing thing alive?
Well sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, heres a pin!
Feed it? Clean it? Keep it out of the light?
Forget doing that dumb shit.
This pin has no heartbeat so no reason to worry your gorgeous face off!

80 - V1 Gremlin Gumbo
25 - V2 Stocking Slasher (Glitter & Glow in the dark)
20 - V3 Pizza Box Parasite
15 - V4 Toxic Tater (Green Plated Full Glow)

2 Inch soft enamel pin
Electro Black Plating
Numbering laser engraved on back
2 Rubber clutch
Comes in resealable bag, with backing card